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Modular Building with 3DS Max & UE4

Thursday, May 16
6:00 PM— 9:00 PM

Learn the AAA pipeline of modular set building.

Dames Making Games

DMG Workshop

Comfortable with basic modelling? Ready to start creating your own highly reusable modular assets? Learn the AAA pipeline of modular set building with 3ds Max and Unreal Engine 4 in this workshop for new game designers!

During this workshop, you will learn how to create simple modular sets efficiently and accurately, utilizing the snaps feature in UE4 to create a seamless environment. We’ll cover:

  • The process of building modular sets such as walls, floors, ceiling, windows and doors
  • UV Unwrapping and material shader creation and application in UE4
  • How to set up a level and basic lighting techniques in UE4

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a good base to start building modular sets of your own!