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The Weight of Inheritance

Friday, April 5
7:00 PM— 9:00 PM

Hazel Meyer revisits objects once belonging to Joyce Wieland and deemed “invaluable,” and with no archival value, prior to an exhibition premiere at The Western Front in 2020.

Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Centre


Upon making a pilgrimage to what was once Joyce Wieland’s house in Toronto’s Queen East neighbourhood, Hazel Meyer met its then occupant and owner Jane Rowland. Being a fan of Wieland, Rowland had kept many of Wieland’s old things, including the pink moiré flounce hanging above where Wieland’s bed once was, hand-painted wallpaper trim that circled Wieland’s bedroom, wooden cassette tape racks, and a ton of marble scattered throughout the house and piled high in the basement. Inheriting these objects that were otherwise deemed “invaluable,” and with no archival value, Meyer revisits these items in this work in progress that will have its exhibition premiere at The Western Front in 2020.