Toronto Media Arts Centre

Toronto Media Arts Centre

# What you can do to help

On Dec 14, 2017, the City rejected our proposal for interim occupancy, despite our collective progress towards an agreement over the last 2 years.

Will you be impacted by the closure of DMG, Gamma Space, and CFMDC? Know artists and community members who will be?

Write City of Toronto staff and tell them about the damage they are doing by blocking our interim occupancy and attempting to dismiss our lawsuit after years of negotiation. Feel free to cc on your communication and let us know if we can share your letter publicly.

# Contact City staff

Patrick Tobin<br> Director, Arts & Culture Services<br><br> 416-392-4166

Sally Han<br> Manager, Cultural Partnerships<br><br> 416-392-4012

# Contact elected representatives

Your member of Council

DMG, Gamma Space, and CSV’s councillor:<br> Mike Layton, Ward 19<br><br> Twitter: @m_layton<br> 416-392-4009

CFMDC’s councillor:<br> Joe Cressy, Ward 20<br><br> Twitter: @joe_cressy<br> 416-392-4044

TMAC’s councillor:<br> Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão, Ward 18<br><br> Twitter: @anabailaoTO<br> 416-392-7012

# Make a tax-deductible donation

Make a donation online. You’ll get a tax receipt, we’re a charity! Our members have extra moving and storage costs to cover this month, as three of our groups have been forced to move out of their spaces.

# Social Media

Share your support and links to the stories below – we’re @TOMediaArts on Twitter and at