Mediation date set!

September 21, 2015

The day after we filed our reply to Urbancorp and the City’s statements of defense, the City of Toronto reached out to TMAC to ask if we’d be open to mediation (rather than proceed to court with our claim). Of course, this is exactly what we’d been asking for all along–for the City to simply talk to us and make time and space for all parties to come to a positive resolution.

It took almost two months to confirm it, but we’re very excited to have nailed down a date for mediation: October 23.

We are confident the City shares our goal of conveying the community arts space to the rightful and intended operator—the Toronto Media Arts Centre—and that we’ll have great news to share with this incredibly supportive and energized community at the end of October.

Thank you again to the community, from artists to donors, funders to neighbors, for your constant support. We’re so excited to share our amazing space with you soon!