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Being Scene

February 28—March 23, 2019
12-6pm daily


Main Gallery

Small Gallery


Workman Arts

Workman Arts presents the 18th annual BEING SCENE, a sweeping exhibition, encompassing over 100 artworks by over 60 artists, in all forms of media, including visual art, media art, installation and performance, selected by a jury of professional arts practitioners. This diverse collection covers a wide range of conceptual and material approaches, which give voice to unique life experiences. Jury advisors: Scott Sawtell, professional artist & instructor of Contemporary Painting at Brock University & OCADU; Roberta Kananaj, Co-Director of the Robert Kananaj Gallery, Toronto Exhibiting Artists

Ashmeed Ahamad, Stephanie Avery, Wendy Belcourt, Mel Bender, Cathy Bennett, Diana Bershadsky, Jenny Chen, Claro Cosco, Eve Crandall, Trinley Dorje, Jean Fode, Sylvia Frey, Gaetan Genesse, Genova, Kate Gorman, Eduardo Hatch, Hanan Hazime, Paula John, Robin Ashley Jones, Andrew Johnston, Naomi Hendrickje-Laufer, LAVEH, Esmond Lee, Fiona Legg, Jaqueline Lewis, Nicole Lowden, Wendy Lu, Elaine Lum, Lorette C. Luzajic, Karine McDonald, Gregg Allan McGivern, Claire Mercer, Rick Miller, Michael Morbach, Brad Necyk, Amy Ness, Alan Parker, Neri Paul, John Perera, Ben Priede, Marisha Pula, Susana Rizzi, Kurt Rostek, Moshe Sakal, David Salazar, Jepherson Salazar, Chris Scott, Annette Seip, Simon Shimout, Laura Shintani, Kat Singer, Leslie-Anne Smith, Emily Sweet, Jan Swinburne, Monika Szopinska, Apanaki Temitayo, tired bees, Jace Traz, Toshio Ushiroguchi, Véronique Vallières, Lisa Walter, Claude Wittmann, TK Workman

Image: tired bees, Untitled (Wading Table), 2018