TMAC is closed until further notice to help protect our community from COVID-19.
Some members may be open for curbside service by appointment. Please contact them directly for more information.

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Health & Safety Notes

July 27—August 27, 2020
presented by Summerworks


Lisgar Park


Mark Reinhart

The phrase ‘COMMUNITY BENEFITS, UNLIMITED’ refutes the City’s claim that TMAC provides “limited benefit” to the community. The community benefits in unlimited ways when the vulnerable are supported; when trust is built between partners; and when art and artists are valued as not only economic drivers for gentrifying neighbourhoods but as vital elements in a livable city.

Colourful messages written in duct tape adorn the sides of public and private buildings throughout the neighbourhood of Parkdale and wander down Queen West. Created in collaboration with organizations and residents in the Parkdale community, these temporary public art installations help people remember, be seen, and communicate their fears, wonderings, anxieties, and hopes in a COVID-19 reality. The notes allow us to speak to each other while maintaining physical distance, and are a way of staying connected during a time when connecting with one another can seem strange and fleeting.

Installations will be added continuously throughout the month of August. Follow the progress of this project using the map below, on our instagram stories, or by safely exploring the Parkdale and Queen West neighbourhood.