Please read an important announcement: Goodbye, 32 Lisgar! 👋🏻 See you again soon.

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An update on the status of our settlement with the City

September 30, 2019

The City is now asking us to declare that we have no right to the space and to leave.

In January, the City told us agreements conditional on closing would be acceptable to fulfill the Minutes of Settlement. We shared in March that we had raised the funds required: We met our fundraising goal! March 3, 2019

You can read more about our partners and the incredible opportunities they’re bringing to our community: Announcing our 2019-2024 sponsors! – April 23, 2019

The City now says that the condition on closing is unacceptable – and have asked us to declare that we have no right to the space and that we will leave.

We have made a motion with the court to enforce the City’s agreement to allow funding to be conditional on closing. We expect this to go before the judge in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, we will continue delivering artistic and educational programs for the benefit of the community, and supporting our incredible partners and members in their upcoming exhibitions and festivals.

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