Toronto Media Arts Centre

All or None

May 24–25


In Lisgar Park

The act of sitting, pausing is a central fixture in the navigation of the fatigued body in spaces of capitalism; the body that must wait for energy to return before moving again, amidst an affluent and sterile re-sculpting of downtown public space that echos violent community displacement, where one must pay to sit, pay to transit, pay to pee, pay to pause. Named for Henry Bowditch’s cardiological phenomenon, all-or-none is a triptych of found & furnished space, reflecting that a heart beat is a set of three: beat-beat, pause, chair, chair, chess table. Every placed object has the potential to be re/moved; a reflection on the timed disappearance expected of bodies themselves. Come make up space with us.

Often found marrying poetry with large-scale sculptural forms, Parkdale resident jes sasche addresses the negotiations of bodies moving in public/private space and the work of their care. Their large-scale video loop will play alongside all-or-none, a site specific installation of furniture found in Parkdale parking lots.

With support by Charles Street Video