Toronto Media Arts Centre

Armchair Politics

July 4, 7:00 PM


In Main Gallery

EMILIA-AMALIA continues its year-long collaboration with the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC), titled HOLES AND HOW TO FILL THEM, through a program of curated screenings. Inviting emerging artists and curators to respond to EMILIA-AMALIA’s programming, and to the CFMDC film collection, these screenings activate holes, gaps and omissions as artistic and political strategies.

Curated by Vince Rozario and Sanjit Dhillon, “Armchair Politics” is a program that imagines an affective viewing space where socially encoded scripts of identity, as mediated by the screen, are challenged, negotiated and transformed. Departing from an existent media archive of home videos, pop culture ephemera, newsreels and diaries, these artists attempt to challenge the depoliticizing effects of nostalgia. Through omissions, appropriations and recontextualizations, these films engender the potential to activate and envision new social relations.

The screening is free and the venue is fully accessible.

Co-presented by Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Centre