Toronto Media Arts Centre

DMG × Black Women Film! VR Camp

January 10–19

Black Women Film!

In DMG Workshop

This exciting VR intensive program is aimed at introducing a small group of participants to the process of creating interactive virtual reality experiences using 360-degree volumetric video. In small groups or on their own, participants will complete an original interactive narrative short that can be experienced on an HMD (e.g., Oculus Quest or Rift), smart phone or desktop computer.

Over the course of two weekends, filmmakers dive into creating interactive virtual reality experiences using volumetric video. Participants will learn about the VR landscape (hardware, software and distribution), design basics, interactive narrative design vs. linear storytelling, and get hands-on with their own projects.


This program will take place over 10 days, with intensive workshops and hands-on practice focused on the initial weekend. It will include:

  • Three hands-on workshops and guest panel with ample break/demo times
  • A lab day with close assistance by mentors will allow participants to get hands-on with their projects very quickly and in a collaborative, low-pressure, and highly supportive learning environment. Participants may access DMG workspace and equipment (by reservation) as well as a production studio within TMAC during the week between workshops. A Slack channel will be set up to ensure participants have ready access to help between sessions.
  • A final exhibition and gathering to share work with Black Women Film alum at the end of the program

Co-presented by Dames Making Games