TMAC is closed until further notice to help protect our community from COVID-19.
Some members may be open for curbside service by appointment. Please contact them directly for more information.

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Friends Play Games

Monday, November 4
6:30 PM— 9:30 PM

Friends Play Games is a bi-weekly community gathering for everyone who loves playing, talking about and sharing their love of games! Free.

Gamma Space Collaborative Studio

Gamma Space

Friends Play Games is a bi-weekly community gathering for all those that love playing, talking about, and sharing their love of games

Video games, board games, social games will all be available for play. Bring one with you or play something new that someone else brings along. We have extra screens and controllers on hand if you need some extra help getting things running.

If you have a game in progress, this a perfect chance to get people to try out your game and give you feedback. Don’t be shy about showing your work!

Every night, we will have one event wide game that can be played by everyone. This game will change every night.

Running for over five years, it’s a great way to meet some of Toronto’s game development community and those who support them.

Please leave no trace. Harassment-free space. ALSO we will end at 930 sharp to respect any working volunteers time.

If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to get you sorted.