Toronto Media Arts Centre

International Visiting Artists: Marita Bullmann (Germany)

September 20, 7:30 PM

FADO Performance Art

In Expansion Space

Marita Bullmann’s works are engagements with everyday objects: familiar materials, actions, spaces and places. In her performances, she seeks a direct encounter between body and space. Her working method can be understood as a temporally ephemeral, site- and situation-specific process. With her actions she creates her own realities and scenarios, which strengthen the awareness for object, material, body and space. Visual, temporal, haptic or acoustic elements determine the effect and perception of her performance. The way she creates abstract interpretations allows us to perceive and observe the things around us in a new way. The interpretation takes place through experience. The objects and materials she uses are by no means neutral, but connect with our sensual and emotional world of experience.

Bullmann’s intention is to influence the usual mechanisms of seeing and perceiving far away from cultural imprints and to create a new ‘space’ that lets us become aware of the act of seeing. She combines the constructed experiences with a search for images and actions that make the phenomena of curiosity and peculiarity visible.


Image Credit: untitled. Marita Bullmann. Photo by Svetlana Lopato.

Co-presented by Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Centre

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