Toronto Media Arts Centre

Intro to Unreal Blueprints

April 17, 6:30 PM

Dames Making Games

In DMG Workshop

Are you a level designer hoping to drive some more dynamic behaviours in your levels?

  • A game designer hoping to quickly test out some ideas before putting dev resources into a fully-fledged system?
  • An artist hoping to take your assets to the next level?
  • Or just a person looking for the power of a AAA game engine at your fingertips without having to commit to years of learning C++?

If any of those sound like you or like someone you want to be, then grab a copy of Unreal Engine 4 and join us for a quick overview of the engine’s Blueprint visual scripting system. It unlocks many engine features to you and teaches you some programming patterns and pitfalls while doing so. A great tool for any game dev’s arsenal!