Toronto Media Arts Centre

Low Poly 3D Modeling with Blender 2.8 – Part 1

November 30, 1:00 PM

Dames Making Games

In DMG Workshop

Love the look of low-poly? Want to get started with making 3D art for games in a supportive, artist-centered environment? Honking pumped to make the next Untitled Goose Game?

Join us for a two-part hands-on workshop and learn from artist Kaitlyn Dougon! In the first lesson, participants will learn about how accessible Blender 2.8 is, some of its many, many functions and begin crafting a small table setting using basic shapes.

Participants will be provided with a Blender file with a dining room scene, complete with assets Kaitlyn has made that can be taken apart and inspected, and UV unwrapping textures she uses.

Who this workshop is for:

  • Beginners!
  • You tried Blender before and thought it was sent from heck to end you.
  • You’ve never touched 3D modeling software before and want to try
  • You’re looking to add to your skill collection