Toronto Media Arts Centre

Scriptwriting Fundamentals: The Short Screenplay Pt. 2

July 11, 6:00 PM

Charles Street Video

In CSV Workshop Space

In this workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of narrative screenwriting, including character, structure and image. Using these tools and through class discussion and screenings, participants will begin the process of unlocking their ideas and turning them into structured and dynamic screenplays. Participants must bring an idea to the workshop that they will develop during the course. No experience necessary.

Instructor: Hope Thompson

Hope is a filmmaker and playwright. Her focus includes mystery, film noir, camp and comedy and she has written and directed several award-winning short films (It Happened In The Stacks, Switch) and plays (She Walks The Line, Stiff, Trapped!) in these genres. Her film, Switch, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and her recent play, Trapped! was published in the Playwrights Canada Press anthology, Queer Play. Hope has written on the CBC comedy Baroness Von Sketch Show and is currently developing a feature screenplay.