Toronto Media Arts Centre

Selling and Releasing Your Finished Film

March 28, 6:00 PM

Charles Street Video

In CSV Workshop Space

“Selling your finished film” brings to mind hard-nosed agents negotiating with distribution executives at the Sundance Film Festival while the film industry press eagerly jockeys to be first to report which distributor won a particular bidding war for that year’s hot film.

For over 99% of the thousands of feature films which licensed to distributors each year, reality is quite different. In this 3-hour workshop, students get a solid foundation for understanding how various film distributors, sales agents and successful filmmakers all prepare for and engage in the nebulous act of film sales. This workshop covers practical skills such as how to research reputable distributors and sales agents, accepted pitching practices, etc. in addition to an overview of the state of the film distribution in the context of how it impacts filmmakers looking to have their films distributed as well as a “what to expect” out of bringing an independent film into distribution.