Toronto Media Arts Centre

simultaneities in reflexivities

June 13, 7:00 PM


In Main Gallery

EMILIA-AMALIA continues its yearlong collaboration with the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC), titled HOLES AND HOW TO FILL THEM, through a program of curated screenings. Inviting emerging artists and curators to respond to EMILIA-AMALIA’s programming, and to the CFMDC film collection, these screenings activate holes, gaps and omissions as artistic and political strategies.

Curated by Calla Durose-Moya, “simultaneities in reflexivities: absence/presence ⋆ seer/seen” is a program that engages with and revisits performance-for-camera work made by women and non-binary video artists in Canada. Through a variety of methods and materials, these artists’ works demonstrate that vulnerability is not only an affective modality, but also a political statement.

Featuring works by Sylvia Laliberté, Emily Vey Duke, Bridget Moser, oualie frost, Camila Salcedo, Kate Craig, Susan Britton and Martha Davis. Run time: 1 hour 22 min.

Selected films:

  • “Papillon cerise” by Sylvie Laliberté (1997)
  • "The Fine Arts by Emily Vey Duke (2002)
  • “Asking For A Friend” by Bridget Moser (2013)
  • “ADinHD” by oualie frost (2019)
  • “Tear Gas (Bombas Lacrimógenas)” by Camila Salcedo (2016)
  • “Delicate Issue” by Kate Craig (1979)
  • “Why I Hate Communism No. 1” by Susan Britton (1976)
  • “Applying and Removing” by Martha Davis (1979)

The screening is free and the venue is fully accessible.

Co-presented by Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Centre