Toronto Media Arts Centre


February 21, 7:00 PM

Toronto Animated Image Society

In Main Gallery

Deeper than crystals, candles, and incense, the widespread practice of regenerative and healing-based rituals found in witchery, folk magic, and Indigenous spiritual practices has the potency to generate social change, to create a consciousness that expands beyond patriarchal and colonial modes of being.

Trends come and go, nevertheless the spaces that are emerging through the reclamation of oppressed spiritual knowledge are now sustainably rooted through caregiving work, ancestral reconnections, and community building. We are all spellbound to cosmologies and ontologies; we shall trust the unknown, seek comfort in the invisible - tune in and embrace. Commissioned by TAIS and guest curated by Geneviève Wallen, Spellbound is a screening featuring contemplative animated works by lwrds duniam, Sab Meynert, Emily Pelstring, Fallon Simard, and Gabrielle Tesfaye. A reading by artist and healer Aditi Ohri will precede the screening, an open conversation between the artists and curator, and Q&A will follow.