Toronto Media Arts Centre


Volumetric Video for Film and Media Artists

July 23, 6:00 PM

Charles Street Video

In CSV Workshop Space

In this workshop we’ll experiment with Premiere and After Effects as tools for working with volumetric video. Recording live action with a camera can be a friendlier, more familiar route to creating XR content, vs. the traditional 3D graphics approaches derived from animation. Almost ten years after the Kinect, plenty of inexpensive hardware exists for shooting volumetric video–what’s still lacking are practical editing and compositing workflows for live-action filmmakers, and that’s what we’ll be exploring here. The only prerequisite is some prior experience shooting and editing video (although After Effects experience will also be helpful). No 3D animation, games, or graphics experience is required.

Image: Bicycle Built for 6DoF

Instructor: Nick Fox-Gieg