AGCO update and Ward 18 community event

June 19, 2017

Our license application – and news of progress towards occupying the arts hub – has been met with excitement by the local community at 36 Lisgar, 150 Sudbury, 68 Abell and surrounding residences! However, we’ve heard a concern about the proposed outdoor patio adjacent to Lisgar Park and our cafe, and will be modifying our application accordingly. Our goal is to be good neighbors and bring new opportunities for the community to freely and safely engage with arts right in their neighborhood, so we’re sensitive to the needs of folks who live nearby.

Drop us a line if you have any questions about the licensing process!

Ward 18 Talks: Artist and Cultural Spaces

Join us on Thursday, June 22 at The Drake Commissary for a panel hosted by our ward councillor Ana Bailão on the topic of creating and retaining new arts spaces across the City.

  • What: Panel and Q&A with City Planning and arts organization staff
  • Date & Time: Thur, June 22 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Venue: Drake Commissary at 128 Sterling Road (If you use a wheelchair or other assistive device, ring the doorbell at the main entrance and someone will come get you to bring you to the accessible entrance. Washroom on the main floor is accessible.)

We are very interested in learning how the City plans to ensure local communities’ and arts groups’ needs – not just those of profit-driven developers – are met through Section 37 deals and other City-facilitated cultural partnerships in the future.

Read more about the event and RSVP.