Response to the City’s Statement of Defense

June 29, 2015

Today, the City of Toronto responded to the statement of claim TMAC filed on May 28. It’s an interesting document filled with many assertions and much erroneous information. We are curious to see how the Court responds to the City’s claims.

On May 3, TMAC was ready, willing and able to close.

The City did not have the right to direct Urbancorp not to close with us.

It seems the City viewed the May 3 outside date as an “escape hatch” to get out of a deal it simply did not want to uphold, instead of following through with the agreements it made.

Throughout this four-year process, TMAC proved it could rise to every challenge encountered, from construction delays caused by condo flooding, to changing TMAC member priorities and resources. We held up TMAC’s end of the bargain, right up to tendering our closing deliveries on May 3.

TMAC wholeheartedly stands by our claim. We invite the City to make good on its promises and ensure this community benefit does not fail West Queen West.