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Artificial Nature

Haru Ji & Graham Wakefield

Artificial Nature is a research project by Haru Ji and Graham Wakefield, creating a family of interactive art installations surrounding humans with biologically-inspired complex systems experienced in immersive mixed reality. These installations invite participants to become part of an ecosystem rich in living feedback networks, but not as the central subject. Although artificial natures are computational, they draw their inspiration from the open-ended continuation and aesthetic integration of playful wonder combined with the tension of the unfamiliar recalled from childhood explorations in nature. By giving life to mixed reality the artists are anticipating futures inevitably saturated in interconnected computational media. However, they believe computation is not intrinsically utilitarian, nor in opposition to nature; they see it instead as a material means to plunge even more deeply into what nature is, and to find our place within it.

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May 17–26

10am-6pm daily


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Spiral Film Philosophy Conference

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May 17, 2019, 7:00 PM–8:00 PM
Artificial Nature: Haru Ji & Graham Wakefield