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RE: Infrastructures Art Exhibition

September 20—September 22, 2019
2PM-6PM Friday, 9AM-6PM Saturday, 12PM-5PM Sunday
presented by Our Networks
with Gamma Space Collaborative Studio
Gamma Space Collaborative Studio


Gamma Gallery

Our Networks 2019 explores the collective care and maintenance of alternative networking practices—new protocols, peer-to-peer connections, offline-first computing, or community-based governance and ownership. Building on last year, where we asked how to move beyond solitary practices of do it yourself (DIY), in 2019 we explore what critical and creative practices offer RE: Infrastructures of alternatives.

Works in the Gamma Galley include:

  • Made in Iran by Farhad Bahram
  • Currency by Sphere Collective
  • Channel Channel, a network for VPN access by Biyi Wen
  • The Magi System, Exploring the Aesthetics of Network Infrastructure by Tobias Williams
  • Torrents of Sex by Nahee Kim