Toronto Media Arts Centre

Alternative Urban Futures Talk Series #1

December 3, 5:30 PM

Digital Justice Lab

In Main Gallery

Welcome to the Alternative Urban Futures Event Talk Series. December 3rd is the first night of hopefully many nights of exploring our urban futures. As we navigate towards “smart” cities, and more “connected” communities how do we explore what we should be worried about, what the possibilities are and how we can build towards a more just and equitable future?

This evening will be an opportunity to explore the various themes that build and connect the urban areas we currently live in, from labour to community power. We will be talking not only about Toronto but other urban areas in the country we now know as Canada. We will be working together to build knowledge, share resources and navigate the options.

It will be a jam packed event that will start with a panel of amazing black and indigenous young folks navigating what the future can hold.

The series of talks will include 7 mins presentations and 20 mins in-conversation opportunities for the audience to participate in. There will be a reading list connected to each talk that will be shared after the event.