Toronto Media Arts Centre

Aram Han Sifuentes and Indu Vashist in Conversation

April 5, 3:00 PM

Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Centre

In Mezzanine

Aram Han Sifuentes developed the Protest Banner Lending Library in response to the US 2016 election as a way to strengthen community – especially for those who might be vulnerable to actively protesting Trump’s exceedingly anti-immigrant and xenophobic agenda. In the spirit of Wieland’s activism and craftwork, Sifuentes will lead a banner making workshop (on Saturday at noon) and help to construct a space where we can come together in solidarity through making - in and of itself, a form of resistance.

Prior to the workshop, Aram Han Sifuentes will join Toronto based artist, writer, curator and activist Indu Vashist in a conversation about her work, activism in art and the current political climate.