Toronto Media Arts Centre

Resistance / Acceptance: works that live beyond the gallery walls

March 23, 3:00 PM

Workman Arts

In Main GallerySmall Gallery

Panelists: Claro Cosco, Paula John and claude wittmann Moderator: Sean Lee

Sean Lee from Tangled Art + Disability will host a discussion which looks at works by Claro Cosco, Paula John and claude wittmann included in Being Scene or that will be screened as part of this panel as accompanying pieces to works in the show. Each of these artists has created deeply personal actions that layer resistance, acceptance and activism through performative time-based gestures that situate the body within (while pushing against) the political, financial, gendered and disability contexts they are engaged with in their work and lives.

Image: Claro Cosco, Blood Series (Whitewater Lake), 2018